Company Introduction
Dalian International Transport Co.Ltd.(DIT) is a Sino-foreign joint venture estabilished in 1993.It is a first-class international freight agent corporation that was approved by the Ministry of Commerce and also cerified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China “License of sales agent”. Our investment has spread far and wide, with offices and branches set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Chengdu, Ningbo and Chongqing. Moreover, about 173 agencies in more than 60 countries and regions have signed an agency agreement with us. Thus, it is apt to say that our services have reached every corner of the world. Sticking to the operation concept of building a bridge for worldwide communication through goods transportation, we have succeeded in providing the most satisfying logistics services for customers throughout the world.
Dalian Bonded Zone DIAITE Logistics Co.Ltd.
Established in December 2005, Dalian Bonded Zone DIAITE Logistics Co.Ltd. boasts a total investment of 2 million yuan. So far, it has set up 13 standard bonded warehouses, covering a total area of 28,000 square meters, and an office of 380 square meters. To facilitate transactions, we have employed 35 experienced customs declarers and operators. Besides, we have 3 sets of 3.5t forklifts and 5 trucks, each for transportation and supervision of 5t dangerous goods. A temperature controllable Component Room has been built specially for customers. On the second floor of our warehouse, there is the Cloth Test and Store Division Center, through which we can directly transmit information to customers abroad. Our direct connection with the electronic data interchange (EDI) allows us to finish pre-entry and customs formalities on the current day. The warehouse floor is paved with the anti-static, damp-proof and dust-proof coatings. We have also equipped our warehouse with fire extinguishers. In various warehouses, visual monitoring cameras and security guards can guarantee the warehouse security around the clock.
Dalian AIDI Trade Co.Ltd.
Dalian AIDI Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, deals in a wide range of business, including wholesales of prepackaged food, sales of aquatic products, domestic trade, goods and technology import and export; computer software and technology development and technological services; consulting of corporate management and economic information; operation advertising business; corporate image planning; exhibition services, and meeting reception services.
Dalian AIDI Trade Co., Ltd. is equipped with specialized import and export agencies and professional logistics and warehouse companies, so it can meet customer demands of declaration, customs inspection, bonded warehousing and goods transportation. Meanwhile, it can provide services for domestic and foreign trade, Sino-foreign joint ventures, production cooperation, and intermediary trade. Adhering to the guideline of providing the safest and most nutritious food for Chinese, it keeps on introducing the delicacies peculiar to different parts of the world to China so that Chinese can also have access to safe and healthy foods. In the future, our company and our staff will keep on fighting for creating the goal of improving physical health of the Chinese nation and creating an healthy food environment.
Currently, the company is expanding its trade scale. Our professional services have won us a good reputation among customers throughout the world. We have also made positive contributions to economic and technological exchange with other countries and deepening of friendship with people from other countries.
We sincerely hope that we can create a better tomorrow together.
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